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I'm an experience senior technical resource (Principal Engineer/Architect/CTO depending of the size of the company) working remote.

I have a significant track record for creating, fixing, operating tech teams and software for B2B and B2C markets.
I have energy, passion and focus to fire things up quickly with dedication.
I create scalable & sustainable teams, culture, architecture, strategies, and apply critical thinking to both product and tech.

My experience covers many fields in mobile and web technologies: iOS, Android, web full stack (js, ruby, python, php...), react, hybrid apps, blockchain, hardware/IoT, devops, cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), SDK, IA, AR...

Work History


Feb 2021Present

CEO - Founder

CryptoSimple is a Robo-Advisor for crypto assets. We advice our users to invest on portfolios composed of DeFi products based on their risk profiles. Our product is a mobile application which allows users to answer a questionnaire about their knowledge on crypto assets, risk assessment and investing goals. Based on their answer, we define a risk portfolio and attribute them a portfolio. Users can only enter or exit the product in EUR only. We are in process of getting registered as a DASP to AMF. Our portfolios are composed of DeFi products such as liquidity pools, yield farmings and crypto assets.


Nov 2015Present

Associate Principal Engineer

Leading engineering teams for world’s top businesses including Intel, Google, L’Oréal, Twitter, Star Alliance and many others.


May 2019Nov 2019

Director of Engineering

Bankless Digital Money & Finance Accessible To All. It’s kind of like Venmo, Alipay or Revolut.
But you can use it globally, without a bank account. Financial freedom in your pocket!

Lunettes Pour Tous

Oct 2014Jul 2015

Chief Technology Officer

  • Architecture & design
  • Scrum mentoring and evangelization (Planning poker, daily scrum, demo, retrospective...)
  • Industrialization of processes : development, integration, delivery, monitoring, tools
  • Talent recruitment and management (~10 engineers)
  • Coaching/Mentoring junior developers on best practices (iOS, PHP & Ruby)
  • Software development with Objective-C, PHP, Ruby on Rails & Raspberry Pi
  • Migrate all solutions from dedicated servers to cloud solutions for high availability and scalability (Heroku, AWS S3, AWS RDS... )
  • IT Support to other departments (Sales, Accounting etc...)

Yellow Pages Canada

Jul 2014Oct 2014

Senior Software Engineer

YP iPhone / iPad application - featured multiple times by Apple on their app store.

  • Web services api calls
  • JSON parsing
  • Health app status and real time tracking with different tools
  • UX and UI analysis
  • Support between teams (QA, Business and Dev's).
  • AGILE methodology (Scrum)
  • Strong team motivation skills & high contagious synergy


Aug 2012Jul 2014

Lead Software Engineer

Involved on each iOS project life cycle from the creative step (brainstorming, UI/UX, R&D…) to the production step (software development, testing, QA, deployment…).
Improvement of the internal workflow management of the company :

  • Implementing project management tools (Tasks, cloud File-hosting...).
  • Versionning with Git.
  • Build fast and easy back-end using BaaS (Parse).
  • Advising my superior for technical issue/decision.
  • Advising marketers (tools to use, how to analyse statistics, how to use push notifications, how to use social sharing...)
  • Creating static libraries and frameworks to make production faster.
  • Implementing service for every projects like Crashlytics (crash reports), UrbanAirship (push notifications), Parse (BaaS), Flurry (Analytics) etc....

Creating products and services for leading Canadian brands such as Ubisoft, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Bell, LG2, Sidlee, Desjardins Bank, and Alliance Films.


Mar 2011Jun 2013

Teaching Assistant in iOS Development

Teaching iOS development initiation courses to SUPINFO student.
Location: Marseille(France), Orleans(France), Toulouse(France), Grenoble(France), Montreal(Canada).

Totum Pass

Dec 2011Aug 2012

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Totum Pass is a mobile social app where you can share and discover new & exciting places in your local city with friend recommendations.
Concept : Recommend your buddies to that amazing burger place you discovered last night, receive a personal recommendation to that great bar all your friends have been raving about, and have all of it safely stored and accessible on your phone.


Jan 2011Jun 2011

iOS Developer

Developing a based project who can be easily produce apps for the same kind of clients.
Features was created modularly who can be easily added/removed in any project.


Mar 2010Oct 2010

iOS Developer

Learn the basic of iPhone development and produce an iPhone app for a web site hotel comparator ( First project with geo-located augmented reality.


Study the blockchain

June 2018

Professional blockchain developer, Ethereum

Completed's one-and-a-half month blockchain developer course on developing applications on the Ethereum Network, covering topics such as blockchain fundamentals, Solidity, Web3, Truffle, IPFS, OpenZeppelin. A signed certificate of completion is archived at

I presented to an audience of Consensys Ventures, Jet Blue Ventures, Green Sands Equity (1.4 billion in investments), blockchain companies and University of Arizona's Computer Science department head :

SUPINFO - The International Institute of Information Technology


B.S.C - Bachelor of science Specialist in IT , Computer Science


Mobile Development

Objective-C, Swift, React Native, Kotlin, Flutter

Web Development

Javascript, React, Vue.JS, Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS...

Smart contracts

ETH (Solidity), EOS

Agile methodologies
Scrum Master, Planning Poker, Retrospective, Daily Scrum...
MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle...
Cloud & DevOps

AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Azure, Heroku, Firebase, Bitrise, Jenkins, TravisCI...


Olga Convey, SVP Software at RMS
FJ exhibits extreme bias for action, while developing innovative and relevant solutions with minimal guidance. He truly understands customer needs, dives deep to analyze target application and edge cases, and delivers beyond expectations. While developing reference applications for the new wearable platform, FJ provided both client side and core components that made the platform easy to use and position as a core building block. FJ is a great simplifier and a key contributor to any project.

Miril Chheda, Senior Software Developer at Netflix
To describe FJ in two words , he is a “Go Getter” . No matter the problem in front of him, FJ will always find the solution. His resilience is unmatched . I had the privilege to work with FJ while at Intel. He is a skilled iOS developer who is always able to deliver on time no matter the time zone he is currently in. Along with technical skills I also valued FJs meaningful UI insights. He understands a product inside out and always strive to make it perfect to the best of his ability. He is destined for great things and would be an invaluable addition to any team. I am grateful to have worked with him and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Gabriel Cartier, CTO at Samsao
FJ is a smart software developer and was a great asset to our team on the projects he worked on. He is capable of building complex applications and uses librairies, patterns and everything that a senior software engineer should use. FJ is always on the edge with the latest trends, librairies and technologies, I would recommend him to anyone in need of a senior software developer.

Awane Jones, CEO at Merchlar
François-Julien is an incredible software developer. He is always up to date with the latest technologies & trends. I would suggest François-Julien to anyone looking for an software developer